Aug 3, 2011

Death of a Director..

Mani Kaul passed away on the 6th of July, 2011.

But for many people, it was like who is M-A-N-I  K-A-U-L? And mind you, most of these 'people' form the normal movie going crowd who throng multiplexes, with families, to watch picture over pepsi and pop-corns. For most of them, a movie is just a means of entertainment, where you don't have to and aren't expected to, do much except sit back and enjoy. If you like the stuff on the screen, you call it 'paisa vasool' and if you don't, you feel victimised.

And I wonder why?

Why, in this country that boasts of ancient culture, centuries old traditions, rich heritage and variety of art forms, is the 'aam junta'  still unaware of somebody like Mani Kaul? That a person of his intellect, artistry and craft, existed amongst us somehow seems unreal.

Alas, the answers are not simple or singular...