Aug 24, 2011


How long do you think you can pretend?
How far do you think no one can see?
You think you are the Gods of your sinful world?
My friend, you aren’t any bigger than ‘WE’!

‘WE’, the people of India, with our solemn resolve,
As was told to us in that speech of yore,
With Justice, liberty, equality, fraternity,
Our rules of engagement, we were happy…no more

Year after year, we selected you, elected you,
Hoping you too will abide by those words...
Alas, you betrayed yourself, your brethren,
Misused, mutilated, misconstrued its intent.

‘WE’ wish you could see the classes and the masses,
But you refuse to remove your fancy sun glasses,
Wake up people! it’s the end of the dream,
The time has come for ‘WE’ to gather steam!

If and only if, you could hear,
The wail of the body, the whisper of the tear,
They are saying it loud and clear,
Your end is near, your end is here.

 - फ़नकार