Jan 27, 2011


You are born a child, you play around; feel the world, completely unmindful of its ways. You are carefree. You grow up; develop your own personality, character, ethics, values and behaviour which are majorly shaped by circumstances and life experiences.

But there is one thing that remains constant - your NATURE. And so it remains till you die. Come what may, you will never go against your nature, whether you like it or not, because THAT IS YOU. And the day you UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT your nature that will be the day you have accepted yourself. 

And that leads to peace – ETERNAL PEACE 


  1. Yup, I found that out a long way back and that is the reason for my feeling of contentment.
    It also helps me to live a better life now that I am aware of how my nature makes me take incorrect decisions and I can be slightly more circumspect.

  2. Very true and I have a very good example of the same in you!