Jan 20, 2011


Problem, problem, problem! Problem is never welcomed...I mean, who likes a problem? Still, it has the habit of coming our way, much like that unwanted SMS on our mobile. Whether you like it or not, that creepy little two liner somehow manages it's way way into our inbox. Well, it really IS problematic! 

But how real are 'problems'? I mean do they have their own personality? Can they be categorised into kinds of problems, their sets, sub-sets? Can they be classified into genres or measured in units? Heck...do they have a gender? But one thing is for sure, they do come in sizes: "small problem", "big problem"...even "huge problem"! But strangely, their nemesis, a certain "Mr. Solution" is always, unwittingly, a mere "solution". Ever heard of a "small solution" or a "big solution"...nope! No variation allowed.

Funny thing is, a 'problem' that is a 'problem' for you may not  necessarily be a  'problem' for me. And the same is true the other way round for sure. What drives their essence is the personality of the bearer. Yup, problems are personality driven... and so are their solutions! Our perception gives them their shape, size, magnitude and all sorts of dimensions.  

Now the fact is - their is no escaping problems. No point running from them as they will catch up with you, sooner or later. You have no choice but to face them. So, rather face them head on. Be the gladiator in the Roman Coliseum! Look into the eye of the problem and act. The key here is to understand that the eye that's facing the eye of the problem is YOUR eye and it has a certain way of looking at things. That is why the way you look at the problem is your unique way. The way you define the problem is entirely your creation. And that means your reaction will also depend solely on you and no one else. It's your discretion. It's your decision. And that's the solution to every problem.

Understand thyself.

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